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On 23 de maio de 2016
By Aldo Montes | 0 Comments

What are some examples of permitted end products?

  • You can buy a web template, add your text and images, and use it as your website.
  • You can buy an HTML site template, convert it to WordPress, and use it as your website (but not as a stock template for sale).
  • You can buy a flyer template, modify the text, print a flyer, and hand it out.
  • You can buy a game starter kit, compile it, and put the game on an app store.
  • You can buy a music track and use it in your radio or TV ad.
  • You can buy a sound effect and put it in your game.
  • You can buy an After Effects template, include your own footage, and use it for a show.
  • You can buy a photo to use in a blog post.
  • You can buy a t-shirt template, get it printed on shirts, sell the shirts.
  • You can buy a Photoshop brush, paint a digital painting using the brush, and sell the painting.
  • You can buy a JavaScript gallery, input your own images, and display the gallery on your site.
  • You can buy a 3d model, rig it, animate it, and include it in your game or movie.

Aldo Montes

​Sou uma pessoa apaixonada pela dinâmica da vida, gosto de avaliar o comportamento do ser humano em sua essência, o que me faz ser um autodidata em conhecimento de comportamento humano e procuro ajudar as pessoas com meus conhecimentos adquiridos durante minha vida e formação acadêmica e profissional.
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